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 It seems like you're interested in Instagram trend logo editing, particularly using the Pixellab app to create full-screen logos for your status or stories. Instagram trends and editing techniques can change frequently, but I can offer some general guidance on how to create engaging logo edits for your Instagram content:

1. **Concept and Theme**: Start by deciding on the concept and theme of your logo. What message or aesthetic are you trying to convey? This will guide your design choices.

2. **Use Pixellab**:

   - Open Pixellab and create a new project with the dimensions suitable for Instagram stories or status posts.

   - You can choose a blank canvas or start with a background image that fits your theme.

3. **Text Editing**:

   - Add your text, which could be a phrase, quote, or your brand name.

   - Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and colors to make it visually appealing.

   - Consider adding effects like shadows or gradients to make the text stand out.

4. **Graphic Elements**:

   - Incorporate relevant graphic elements such as icons, shapes, or stickers that fit your theme.

   - Customize these elements to match your color scheme and style.

5. **Image and Background**:

   - If you're using a background image, ensure it complements your text and graphics.

   - Adjust the opacity, blur, or filters to create a visually pleasing background.

6. **Animation and Effects**:

   - Pixellab may offer animation options. You can use these to make your logo edit more dynamic and eye-catching.

7. **Color Scheme**:

   - Stick to a cohesive color palette that matches your brand or the theme you're going for.

8. **Crop and Resize**:

   - Make sure your logo edit fits the full-screen format of Instagram stories or status.

9. **Save and Share**:

   - Once you're satisfied with your logo edit, save it to your device.

   - Upload it to your Instagram story or status as desired.

Keep in mind that trends on Instagram can change rapidly, so it's a good idea to stay updated with the latest editing styles and techniques by following relevant accounts and hashtags.

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Additionally, you can draw inspiration from popular Instagram accounts or trendsetters to see what's currently popular in logo editing and incorporate those elements into your own designs.

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